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If you’re willing to work remotely, that is, on-the-go, then you’ll want to read the following.

I’m looking for patent, trademark, corporate attorneys – if you represent a law firm, that’s even better. I need an attorney to draw up some contracts before speaking to patent attorneys for an invention or two.

I need a dietitian, nutritionist, physician who can handle personal consulting as an example, for managing tens of thousands of people’s personal vitamin supplement formulas.

I’d like to speak with the owner of an aquarium who already have a network of suppliers and all of the permits for exotic animal life, in order to ship, for example, blue ringed octopus to the end buyer.

If you’re a pizzeria owner, I’d like to speak to you to set up a “pay-it-forward” type of business whereby, I bring you customers and revenue, and you give me a share of the profits and equity.

I need web designers and web programmers to make a network of websites that each bring in a substantial amount of revenue each day.

I’m looking for a master machinist with a machine shop to produce high quality billet diamond anvil cells.

The list goes on: you can contact me via email at: